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Comprehensive Analysis of Intel’s Meteor Lake Processor: Core Ultra 7 155H

by Bong Pico

The release of Intel's Meteor Lake processors has garnered significant attention, particularly the Core Ultra 7 155H model. This in-depth analysis provides a thorough examination of its performance, efficiency, and competitiveness in the market, especially against AMD and Apple processors.

core ultra h overview
Overview Core Ultra/Meteor Lake-H (source: Intel)

CPU Performance Overview

Intel's Core Ultra 7 155H offers performance comparable to its predecessor, Raptor Lake, but with some notable improvements and adjustments. The CPU's performance consistency across different power configurations is a key aspect, though it doesn’t dramatically outshine previous models.

core ultra modelle
Overview Core Ultra CPUs (source: Intel)

Key Findings:

  • Performance Consistency: The performance remains stable across a wide TDP range (28-115 Watts), ensuring flexibility in multi-core scenarios across different laptop models.
  • Efficiency Under Load: Initial tests show minor improvements in efficiency during both single-core and multi-core tasks, though Intel still lags behind AMD and Apple.

GPU Performance Leap

One of the standout features of the Meteor Lake series is the significant boost in GPU performance. The Core Ultra 7 155H integrates new Arc GPUs, delivering impressive results in synthetic benchmarks and offering a competitive edge over AMD’s Radeon 780M.


  • Synthetic Benchmark Success: The Arc GPU exhibits substantial performance gains in synthetic tests, showcasing Intel’s advancements in this area.
  • Gaming Benchmarks: Real-world gaming performance shows potential, though driver optimizations are needed to fully realize this promise. Future updates are anticipated to enhance gaming capabilities and XeSS upscaling performance.

Efficiency and Power Management

The Core Ultra 7 155H aims to balance performance with energy efficiency. However, there are nuances in its power management strategy that are crucial to understand.

Efficiency Analysis:

  • Load Efficiency: Minor efficiency improvements under load are observed, but Intel remains behind AMD and Apple in overall efficiency metrics.
  • Idling and Light Workloads: There’s insufficient data to conclusively evaluate efficiency during idle or light workloads. Future retail samples will provide a clearer picture.
csm npu 871319e95c
Comprehensive Analysis Of Intel’s Meteor Lake Processor: Core Ultra 7 155H 14

Market Position and Competitive Landscape

Comparing with AMD and Apple:

  • AMD’s Zen4 Processors: AMD’s 4 nm Zen4 processors still outperform Intel in the lower TDP range, maintaining better efficiency and cooling solutions.
  • Apple’s M3 Chips: Apple’s latest M3 generation, built on a 3 nm process, sets a high bar in both performance and efficiency, challenging Intel’s new offerings.

Core Ultra U-Series Concerns:

  • Performance Cores: The U-series chips, with only two performance cores, raise concerns about their competitiveness.
  • Integrated Graphics: Lacking the faster Arc GPU, these chips rely on a slower version with 4 Xe cores, potentially limiting graphics performance compared to other models.
csm meteor lake tile 2a0df48994
Comprehensive Analysis Of Intel’s Meteor Lake Processor: Core Ultra 7 155H 15

Future Prospects

Intel's Meteor Lake processors, particularly the Core Ultra 7 155H, show promise but face significant competition. Further testing on retail units and driver updates will be essential to fully assess their capabilities and address current limitations.

Intel's Core Ultra 7 155H under the Meteor Lake umbrella delivers steady performance and notable GPU advancements. While it shows incremental efficiency improvements, it faces stiff competition from AMD and Apple. Continued updates and retail evaluations will be critical for Intel to solidify its position in the processor market.

By providing a detailed examination and clear comparisons, this analysis aims to inform and guide users and industry professionals in understanding the capabilities and market positioning of Intel’s latest processor.

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