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PLDT and Smart Battle Against Cyber Threats

by Axl Stanley

In a remarkable feat of cybersecurity prowess, PLDT Inc. and its wireless counterpart, Smart Communications, Inc., stood as formidable guardians against a staggering 16 billion cyberattacks in 2023.

This impressive number reflects a colossal spike of nearly 9,000% compared to the 182 million incidents recorded in 2022, showcasing a relentless onslaught on the digital front.

The Cybersecurity Citadel

In a recent statement, PLDT highlighted the pivotal role of its robust cybersecurity culture in repelling these cyber marauders. Angel T. Redoble, Chief Information Security Officer for PLDT, Smart, and ePLDT, emphasized the integral nature of their cybersecurity agents' regular training, the continuous upgrading of tools, and strategic partnerships in fortifying the network and safeguarding assets.

“Our cybersecurity agents undergo regular training. We upgrade our tools. And we engage partners who can help us secure our most important asset —our customers,”

The Surge and the Defense

Mr. Redoble shed light on the surge in cyberattacks during holidays, a time when distractions abound. However, for PLDT and Smart, it's not a time to lower the guard but to be on the highest alert level. As he aptly put it,

"We’re not only protecting the company, but the entire Filipino people who rely on our services, especially in an increasingly digital landscape.”

A Call for Collective Cyber Resilience

In the midst of this cyberwar, Mr. Redoble emphasized the need for the Philippine government to take charge of the country's cybersecurity master plan. Acknowledging the escalating threats, he stressed the importance of securing vital infrastructures like energy, telecoms, and financial services. For him, the key lies in collaborative efforts between private entities and government units, orchestrated by the government.

“If we talk about cyber resiliency, stakeholders — both private entities and government units — must collaborate. And we need the government to orchestrate our efforts.”

A Future Fortified

As we navigate the intricate landscape of digital threats, PLDT and Smart's resolute stance in the face of adversity sets a shining example. The focus on continuous improvement, strategic partnerships, and a clarion call for collective defense positions them not just as telecom giants but as guardians of a digitally connected nation.

In an era where cybersecurity is paramount, PLDT and Smart's commitment to fortifying the digital frontier is not just commendable but imperative. As they stand firm against the rising tide of cyber threats, they not only protect their interests but weave a shield that guards the entire nation in an increasingly digital-centric age.

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