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The Jewel Project: A Pinnacle of Filipino Architectural Ingenuity

by Lucian Knight

In the heart of Mandaluyong City, a visionary endeavor is underway, set to reshape the skyline and transcend the ordinary. The Gokongweis, a stalwart Filipino family known for their business acumen, have laid the cornerstone for a groundbreaking P25-billion project - The Jewel. Envisioned to stand shoulder to shoulder with iconic structures like Sydney Opera House and Marina Bay Sands, The Jewel is a testament to Filipino innovation and architectural prowess.

A Grand Unveiling: The Vision Takes Flight

Under the orchestration of National Artist for Music Ryan Cayabyab, the launch event unfolded with the melodious voice of Filipina singer Lani Misalucha, setting the stage for The Jewel's grand debut. RLC senior vice president Jericho Go, accompanied by RLC president Lance Gokongwei, shared the dream behind this ambitious project, emphasizing the need for the Philippines to have a global architectural icon.

The ATMP Towers: Where Elegance Meets Functionality

Central to The Jewel are four majestic office towers, each named after cuts of diamonds – Asscher, Trilliant, Marquise, and Peruzzi. Collectively known as the ATMP Towers, these structures promise to redefine corporate spaces. The towers will feature 8-meter-high art installations, embodying the natural gifts of the Philippines – a butanding, a Philippine Eagle, a tarsier, and a tamaraw. These symbolic sculptures will serve as the "way finders" within the breathtaking lobbies.

Architectural Brilliance: Behind the Scenes

The visionary behind The Jewel's design concept is Ernesto Zabarte, a Filipino luminary heading the retail team at Broadway Malyan, a global architectural firm. With 40 years of experience spanning continents, Zabarte brings a wealth of expertise to the project. Broadway Malyan's scope includes the facade, interior design of the office towers, and the overall landscape and environmental graphics design.

Forum Robinsons: A Six-Storey Marvel

The project encompasses a new 6-story Forum Robinsons, a significant upgrade replacing the old two-story mall. Concept i, a global interior design and architecture studio, takes the helm in crafting the new mall's architecture. The construction timeline sets expectations for the mall and one office tower completion by 2026, with the remaining towers finishing by the decade's end.

A Vision for the Future

In his address, Lance Gokongwei highlighted the importance of The Jewel's design, irrespective of its public or private nature. He emphasized the building's role in enhancing the cityscape and contributing to the pride of the people. Positioned along EDSA, The Jewel takes advantage of its prime location, offering unobstructed views of the Pasig River, akin to iconic cities like New York, Singapore, London, and Hong Kong.

Transformative Impact: Beyond Architecture

The Jewel is not merely a structure; it's a chapter in RLC's journey symbolizing innovation, progress, and unwavering commitment to excellence. With accessibility as a key edge and its strategic location along Metro Manila’s main thoroughfare, EDSA, The Jewel aspires to redefine the meaning of the iconic road and establish the Philippines on the global map of architectural excellence.

Robinsons Offices: A Glimpse into the Future

Coinciding with The Jewel's unveiling, Robinsons Land Corporation revealed the new logo for Robinsons Offices. Symbolizing a vision for the future, the logo reflects Robinsons Offices' commitment to talent, premium offerings, best-in-class services, and sustainability.

Financial Milestones: A Testament to Success

Publicly listed RLC reported a net income of P9.8 billion in the first three quarters of 2023, showcasing robust growth. Boosted by strong consumer spending and post-pandemic normalization, Robinsons Malls contributed 39% to RLC’s revenues, underscoring the corporation's diversified success.

A Shining Beacon of Filipino Excellence

As The Jewel takes shape, it heralds a new era for Robinsons Land Corporation and the Philippines. Beyond its architectural splendor, The Jewel embodies the spirit of Filipino innovation and excellence, destined to carve its place among the world's architectural wonders. With a strategic vision, meticulous design, and unwavering commitment, The Jewel stands poised to become a shining beacon of Filipino excellence in the global architectural landscape.

graph TD; A[The Jewel Launch] -->|Vision Takes Flight| B(ATMP Towers); B -->|Elegance Meets Functionality| C(Art Installations); C -->|Symbolic Sculptures| D(Lobbies); D -->|Behind the Scenes| E(Architectural Brilliance); E -->|Six-Storey Marvel| F(Forum Robinsons); F -->|A Vision for the Future| G(Impact on Cityscape); G -->|Beyond Architecture| H(Transformative Impact); H -->|A Glimpse into the Future| I(Robinsons Offices); I -->|Financial Milestones| J(Testament to Success); J -->|Conclusion| K(Shining Beacon of Excellence);

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