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Heineken® Celebrates Thousands of ‘Real Hardcore Fans’ by Helping Them Take Part in the UEFA Champions League Final Trophy Celebrations For The First Time Ever

by Axl Stanley

What a night it was in London at the UEFA Champions League Final! Heineken pulled out all the stops to celebrate the most passionate, dedicated fans in football. For the first time ever, real supporters were part of the official trophy lift celebrations after the match.

A Night to Remember

The moment the final whistle blew, Heineken® unveiled a masterstroke that brought ‘real hardcore fans’ into the heart of the celebration. For the first time in the storied history of the competition, these dedicated fans were part of the official Trophy lift. Imagine thousands of supporters immortalized as pieces of biodegradable confetti, raining down from the sky, each one a testament to Heineken®'s unwavering commitment to fan inclusion.

This season, Heineken® has been on a mission to refresh the concept of a ‘real hardcore fan.’ By shattering stereotypes and celebrating the diverse tapestry of football supporters worldwide, Heineken® has shown that passion for the game knows no boundaries. The ‘Hardcore Celebration’ here at the UEFA Champions League Final in London marks the pinnacle of a season dedicated to honoring those who go above and beyond in their love for football.

The Road to the Final

Fans from around the globe seized the chance to be part of this ‘Hardcore Celebration.’ Once the teams in the final were determined, supporters were invited to submit selfies to Heineken®’s campaign microsite. From these submissions, one lucky supporter and a friend were chosen to attend the UEFA Champions League Final in person.

As the images of these passionate fans’ faces brushed against the newly crowned champions during the Trophy lift and the confetti settled, each participant was left with a cherished photo of the celebration, featuring their own face. This unique keepsake ensures they are forever part of UEFA Champions League history, thanks to Heineken®.

Voices from the Campaign

Nabil Nasser, Global Head of the Heineken® Brand, captured the essence of the campaign: “Tonight captures the essence of our campaign, championing fan inclusion and diversity. It's about the unique, sometimes quirky behaviors, the rituals, and the unwavering passion that fans bring to the sport. Our campaign celebrates the sport with its diverse stories and passions of our fans. We are proud to have provided opportunities like the Hardcore Celebration for fans to share their experiences and be part of this unique journey.”

Echoing these sentiments, Virgil van Dijk, Captain of the Netherlands National Men’s Team and Heineken® campaign Ambassador, added: “Celebrating football’s unifying power, the Hardcore Celebration is a testament to every fan who’s cheered, celebrated, or shed a tear for their team. Football belongs to everyone, transcending backgrounds, and beliefs. Heineken® celebrates this moment, spotlighting each fan’s face, because we all contribute to football’s heart and soul.”

Celebrating Real Fans

Heineken® has embodied this ‘real hardcore fans’ message through a global TV advert and digital content that shares the authentic stories of fans worldwide. From nuns serenading their beloved team every Sunday to fans waiting until 3 AM at an airport just for an autograph, these stories highlight the genuine passion that fuels football fandom.

In the spirit of inclusivity, Heineken® launched a competition at the beginning of the knockout stages, offering UEFA Champions League Final tickets to fans who shared their hardcore fan stories. This initiative also gave rise to the Real Hardcore Fan Club, a platform that showcases true stories from fans across the globe, shining a light on the unique passion that unites football enthusiasts everywhere.

Innovative Fan Engagement

Throughout the season, Heineken® has rolled out a series of activities celebrating real hardcore fans and reinforcing the message that football is for everyone. One such initiative was the LaundroMatch, where Heineken® transformed 24-hour laundromats in Seoul into all-night meeting places, providing South Korea’s most dedicated football fans with an inclusive alternative to watching UEFA Champions League matches alone. In Peru, Heineken® installed a giant screen on the outside of a tower-block, allowing fans to watch the semi-final matches during working hours without missing a beat.

Spotlight on Fan Stories

At the UEFA Champions League Final, Heineken® continued to champion real hardcore fans, highlighting the story of Jorge, a Real Madrid fan who went viral on social media after being on a lucky phone call when his team scored the winning goal in the semi-final. In a nod to Jorge’s story, Heineken® created a phone number active for the full 90 minutes of the final, giving fans from both teams the chance to try their luck by making the call.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, Heineken® remains committed to challenging stereotypes and putting real hardcore fans at the center of its football inclusivity campaigns. Celebrating the modern face of football fandom, Heineken® will continue to honor the passion and dedication of supporters worldwide into the next season.

To learn more about today’s activities and to see how Heineken® is refreshing football perspectives, visit: Heineken Confetti and Heineken Real Hardcore Fans.


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A Season of Unforgettable Moments

Tonight's celebration is more than just a culmination; it’s a testament to the power of football to unite, inspire, and create lifelong memories. Heineken® has set a new standard for fan engagement, proving that the true spirit of football lies in its diverse and passionate supporters. As the confetti settles and the echoes of tonight's celebrations linger, one thing is certain: the legacy of the 'real hardcore fans' will endure, forever woven into the fabric of UEFA Champions League history.

So, here's to the fans who make the beautiful game truly beautiful. Cheers to the real hardcore fans!

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